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Inside Sales Interview Questions in New York City, NY


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If there was a movie produced about your life, who would play you, and why?

12 Answers

Well, sadly, someone once said, upon meeting me for the first time, that I reminded him of Roseanne Barr. It made me very sad, because I find her extremely abrasive. However, if she could play a more Pollyanna type character, we do laugh similarly and are basically the same size.

In America, someone white because that's all they care about.

More than likely my part would be played by an actor who no one had really heard much about if at all, but his really really good.

Does offline learning or online learning do you prefer ! justify

1 Answer

Are you good at speaking over the phone?

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-If a bear and an alligator got in a fight who would win and why? (Phone interview) -Kethcup or mustard? Why? -If you could have lunch with one person in history who would it be and what is one question you would ask them?

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With most of your experience coming in management, how do you feel you'll be able to take less responsibility after being so used to having so much?

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Technical and management rounds were difficult to tackle

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Why sales?

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What is your TTC

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Prioritization is very important explain how you would plan your day

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