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IOS Developer Interview Questions in New York City, NY

"iOS developers specialize in creating applications for iPhone and iPad. During an interview, expect employers to ask challenging technical questions about the limits and capabilities of iOS applications in addition to textbook programming questions. Be prepared to discuss relevant projects from past jobs or individual work."

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How did you communicate with your clients

2 Answers

Well, I have not experience about that...

The same way I communicate with your mom.

Are you a Android developer?

3 Answers

It was some binary search tree related algorithm problem .

1 Answer

Mention two root class in Cocoa

2 Answers

Parts of development involved Facebook API integration.

General recruiter questions like tell us about your background etc.

What is an obstacle you came across while working on a project, and how did you approach/resolve the problem

pelendrom string without using any standers function ?

1 Answer

merge two array .??

2 Answers