Java Developer Interview Questions in New York City, NY

Java Developer Interview Questions in New York City, NY

In your interview for a java developer position, be prepared to answer technical questions that test your understanding of Java basics. Interviewers may also ask open-ended questions to assess your coding and problem-solving abilities. Prepare for non-technical questions that focus on time management, interpersonal communication, and work ethic.

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Top Java Developer Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three java developer interview questions and how to answer them:

Question #1: What is the difference between HashTable and HashMap in Java?

How to answer: Interviewers use technical questions to assess your formal training and understanding of the Java programming language. Use your answer to demonstrate your communication skills. Even if you have been coding for some time, it can be helpful to review Java basics before your interview.

Question #2: Write a program to determine if 243 is an Armstrong number.

How to answer: Interviewers use open-ended questions to test your coding skills. This question allows the employer to assess your ability to solve a problem using a Java algorithm. Explain your thinking process as you use a code editor or whiteboard to solve the problem.

Question #3: How do you produce quality code when you have several Java projects to complete at once?

How to answer: Java developers often juggle multiple projects at the same time. Interviewers use questions such as this to test your time management and organizational skills. Employers are also trying to assess your commitment to quality work. If you have experience as a developer, include examples from your work history that demonstrate high-quality work and effective time management.

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EPAM Systems
Junior Java Developer was asked...September 28, 2023

it included a question about almost everything in the OOP java


In every interview process: why you wanna join Picnic?


Why you wanna leave your current job?

ITC Infotech

Difference between abstract class & interface. How does springboot work? General questions about collections Output of some code.

EPAM Systems

I was given a task to solve using the Stream API.


Por que você está aberto a novas oportunidades?


What is JWT token and details

Cleverpy Machine Learning
Java Developer was asked...September 26, 2023

Qué patrones de diseño has aplicado en tus proyectos? Diferencias entre una base de datos relacional y otra no relacional. Diferentes formas de realizar un bucle en Java.


There were no interview invitation


Oops, Collections, Find duplicate string

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