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Pharmaceutical Sales Interview Questions in New York City, NY

"When interviewing pharmaceutical sales representatives, employers are looking for candidates with expert sales skills accompanied by a strong knowledge of pharmacology. Expect to answer a mix of technical questions about the uses and effects of different drugs as well as sales questions how you would go about marketing them to doctors. Although not mandatory, receiving certification as a Certified National Pharmaceutical Representative (CNPR) will ensure you walk into interviews with a competitive pharmacological background."

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What makes you an ideal candidate for this position?

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I had to go thru probably 8 people throughout 4 rounds where questions were formed to test your behavior and stress mindset. After all that, background check plus physical drug test where they only want their doctors to do it. Since im in NY the only closest location was 45 miles away - in West New York. Inconvenience is the least of it...

Tell us about a challenge that you overcame and how you turned it around.

Interview questions were how to handle objections directly from a neurologist...research and preparation was a must.

Tell me about a challenge you faced with a team member or customer and how you overcame it? They will read STAR questions from a list. Look a few up from Google and prepare some answers in your head. DO NOT MEMORIZE THE ANSWERS. You have to sound genuine, as if you are speaking off the cuff.

What new concept or program have you introduced to an event, and was it successful (something like that)

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