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Product Manager Interview Questions in New York City, NY

Often considered the "CEO" of their product area, product managers oversee the strategy, production, and implementation of a particular product. Because product management teams include members from different backgrounds such as engineering, design, and data design, product managers must have strong communication skills and excel in cross-functional work environments. Expect to answer questions about your management abilities, prioritization skills, and experience working in product. Though not required, technical backgrounds are advantageous particularly when applying for roles at tech companies.

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How would you implement a solar panels project to put solar panels on several NY buildings?

3 Answers

Why not to use windows instead the roof panels? In New York, every day the sun covers a lot of area in the highest building of the city, so, why not to surrogate windows by high tech solar panels to take advantage of the same space? If you want a detailed strategy to do this, keep reading: - Do a deep research with clean teach firms (like GreenTechMedia and NanoSolar) to select carefully which are the best buildings in NY to be included in this project - Then, select the best solar panel set to accomplish this - You don´t have to remove all windows, just the best exposed to the sun, so, you have to calculate which are the best ones in every building. - Then, we can use all building techniques used by high level Asian buildings to install quickly and efficiently the solar panels. - Them you should install some way to storage this gathered energy for example the Epsilon Project from Energy Saving Management devices.

Seriously? People will give up windows for solar panels? And why not sun tracking roof panels?

I am not sure if NY qualifies as a Sunny state for a Solar Panel implementation.

How would you make Web browsing faster?

5 Answers

How old are you?

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Tell me your background

1 Answer

Can you cope with working after hours? Do you know what PSI stand for?

1 Answer

Design the back end process necessary to successfully deliver insurance cards to members once they sign up

2 Answers

Describe the products managed, clients.

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Why would you be the person [we] hire

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What is the next step in the development of computer memory?

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Choose a city and estimate how many Piano Tuners operate a business there.

8 Answers