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Senior Software Developer Interview Questions in New York City, NY


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Another was a puzzle: A king orders 100 bottles of wine for a celebration. A courtier who's angry with the king over something puts poison in one of those bottles. The king has a way of identifying the poisoned bottle by giving a few drops of wine to a monkey. Since the poison is fast acting, the monkey will die immediately. Whats the minimum number of monkeys needed to find the poisoned bottle?

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Assuming that there is only one poisoned bottle, then you only need one monkey- because as soon as it dies, you found the bottle. However, if there is more than one bottle, or suspicion of more than one bottle, you will need at least two monkeys.

you need only one monkey since you will keep giving him wine till he dies and as soon as he's dead you know that was the bottle.

I think it means we can only test once. So the minimum # of monkeys is 99, is it?

can there be a thread without a process

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write a function to swap integers not using third int?

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Explain how you developed your previous application, and what special technique did you use to achieve any additional performance

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There were many questions like"tell us about a hard problem you had to solve" and "did you ever do anything risky" and "did your boss ever ask you to do something that you didn't agree with"

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The process was so lengthy with a full 8 hours of an online test which led to final interview and a face to face interview in NYC I do not know where to start

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What is the difference between a mutex and a monitor

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describe some of the design patterns that you have used

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I mentioned using a circular buffer as a technique of buffering messages and they asked me to implement one. I had not thought out how to deal with telling the difference between buffer full end buffer empty.

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Python question: what is the difference between "[x for x in range(3)]" and "(x for z in range(3))"

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