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Teacher Interview Questions in New York City, NY

In addition to showing passion for education, teacher candidates must demonstrate a variety of interpersonal skills including communication, problem solving, and patience. In an interview, be prepared to give an example of a lesson plan, discuss classroom-appropriate behavior, or explain how you would exercise disciplinary action in an uncooperative situation.

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How do you integrate beginner language learners with advanced language learners in a small group setting?

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I have the advanced language learner act as peer tutor.

i group them in small groups including one peer from advanced learner, so that everyone feel include and be willing to participate as a key maillon of the team. I also give multiple tasks to every team according to their level of understanding and i ask the advance learner to make sure he assist anyone in need when he is done with his task. When it is a team work , the team leader makes sure everyone gives his contribution either written on small boards or spoken.

in the beginning, I would take a general test to know the level of their knowledge in French language and then group them in small groups and according to their levels, preparing different educational short term plans for every group, different homework, and tests, at the same time I would keep a united harmony in my class to keep students to interact with each other during learning the language. and using advanced learners to help beginners to achieve better educational goals.

What is your teaching philosophy? How would you approach disciplinary problems?

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What is your educational philosophy

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How is my classroom management and how do you build culture in your classroom?

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why should we hire you

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What are the greatest strengths of you teaching style?

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How would you deal with insubordinate students?

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Questions regarding computer languages and recent tech experience.

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What was your most challenging time at your previous job.

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