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Territory Manager Interview Questions in New York City, NY


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How do you feel about selling cigarettes?

2 Answers

I compared marketing their product to selling beer, wine and liquor. Free will is left up to the customer, and as long as a product is legal, I have no issue with providing it to the general public. I added much more personal information, but you get the idea.

I am sorry that it did not come up to your expectation. All you can do is learn from the experience and move on. Get tips from other professionals you trust and ask them for constructive criticism. Believe me, we have all had those kind of experiences.

Do you smoke cigarettes, yes or no? If no, explain what your opinion is on people choose to use tobacco products.

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Your company is not doing well financially and your boss has ordered you to bring money into the company by any means necessary. You have been dealing with a client for years and they have full trust in you. They are looking to buy a manufacturing machine that will bring in a lot of money for your company. The problem is, you know that the machine they are looking to buy from your company will be obsolete within a few months. However, your company is making a newer and better version of this machine that is coming out in 6 months. This will be a better choice for your client in the long run because if they get the other machine, they will be unable to use it when it goes obsolete in a few months. Your boss ordered you to get money by any means necessary, but you don't want to lose trust in your client. What do you do?

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How would you be successful?

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A question around coworkers using non authorized means to achieve good results and what you would do about it. That want to see if you would rat them out or try and work it out without management getting involved

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Are you willing to travel overnight? What cites would you go to

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Why did I want to interview/work with this company?

Do I have to use my own vehicle or do you provide a company vehicle?

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What do you know about the company and why do you want to work for us?