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Give an example of where automation was used to compare a before and after comparison.

2 Answers

Don't explain what the project did. Just explain in bullets how you helped the company. Do say empty things such as I saved the company 1000 hours of manual comparison time. Just speak in glittering generalities about what You did.

Is the previous answer a joke? My advice: DO explain, in summary, what your projects were about, and how they helped the company. DO NOT say empty things like generalities without specific, real-life examples. Talk about your contribution, but also the positive aspects, of how your team worked together.

They asked me about how difficult my commute would be about 4 times.

1 Answer

A question on if there was a discrepancy between production on the night shift and day shift, how would you address than?

2 Answers

What percentage of assurance would one test software systems

They asked me about my educational background and my experience at my graduate program at Pace University

1 Answer

Where do you see yourself in 2 years?

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