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Executive chef Interview Questions in New York, NY


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chef test. make sure you know how to cost out items and dishes.

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What type of test did you have to take? Did you have to make any of the mother sauces, certain types of cuts on vegetables?, create. Dish from scratch using only a few ingredients? Any info would be greatly appreciated. I am about to go to an interview in Charlotte next week and do a chef test. Thanks!

You have to find the food cost of items with knowing the the price of the dish and what price you should charge based on what your target food cost is. As far as the cooking portion my test was a mystery basket with a protein and 3 or so vegetables. I had 45 minutes to make 1 completed dish. Work clean, wash your hands and be prepared to wear a cut glove. If you're going to be an exec chef I say go for it. Chef manager on the other hand is rough because you do everything in the unit!! From marketing to menus to the register. Good luck!

Chef test consists of a written and cooking test.. a 30 minute test with 7-8 questions and cooking something that you would want to prepare for your tester in 45 minutes.. food pricing is definitely on the test I was given. Good luck.. I made it past the test.. and so shall you. Best wishes

The owner was mostly concerned with relevant eCommerce experience that adds value for his clients, a friendly, professional service-oriented perspective, and of utmost importance a sense of urgency and timeliness which is critical to our success. Moving quickly is key. He's also interested in the size & scope of your existing network that you bring to the table.

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I was asked if I could submit to a 20 year background check.

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What steps will you use to help teachers to support today's body of research

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Generally, they asked about my professional background and career aspirations.

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They asked about my finance background.

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1. In NY, they make you interview with an outside consulting company that will ask you about your childhood and the relationship with your family!! Very inappropriate and uncomfortable.

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What does a scribe do?

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Describe the work environment, colleagues, and manager that brings out the best in you...

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Many questions were about assessing cultural fit and understanding my motivations to move

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