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Marketing Director Interview Questions in New York, NY

"In the marketing team, a marketing director is depended on to interpret market data while developing and guiding the marketing staff. Employers are looking for candidates who can create effective marketing strategies, motivate their team to success, and spot areas for improvement. During your interview, expect to be asked as to role play a situation where you must sell your interviewer one of the company's products. Be sure to come with a real passion for taking on challenges and making an impact on the company through your contributions."

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Can you juggle, take notes and learn new software at the same time? I think the "at the same time" part was a joke but not sure about the juggling. : )

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I was asked to complete case study within 24 hours. Create a new customer acquisition plan for store.

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Why should I hire you over another candidate? What makes you special?

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hiring manager spoke about politics, which is illegal, but whatever

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tell us some thing unique about your self

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Let me just say, all questions were repetitive from all parties except the CEO who asked tricky (you would only catch it if you're smart) questions related to my current job. Other questions: - Why do you want to work here? - Why make the switch from corporate to Non profit - what kind of marketing strategies would you apply to xyz? Asked that several times. - These questions were asked in different ways but essentially the same thing. I was given a 3 question assignment and was asked to send the questions by the next morning which I thought was grossly inconsiderate. I am currently working and normally the time required to do an assignment would be 24 - 48 hours. I sent the assignment that night and asked for a simple acknowledgement upon receipt and got no answer. After mulitiple calls to the HR rep who I know was in office, I sent an email withdrawing my application. I would have loved to work there but I felt an air of superiority from everyone except the CEO who was really nice and likable. I felt disrespected by not having devoted so much time to the interview process and not reciprocating a 10 second response saying thanks we got the assignment is a sign that my work ethic would not have meshed in this type of environment so decided to run fast and far. I also have a feeling that they were soliciting ideas to pursue on their own accord without hiring anyone in the end.