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Marketing Interview Questions in New York, NY

Marketing positions cover a variety of roles, ranging from technical market analysis to creative storytelling. If interviewing for an analytical role, expect to answer statistical questions about market trends and patterns. If interviewing for a non-technical role, focus on highlighting your strong written and oral communication skills as well as your experience running compelling campaigns.

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They placed two new products on the table and asked me to analyze them and describe why they fit with the specific brand they were identified with.

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I made sure to pay attention to the brand image and make some educated guesses as to what type of consumer the products targeted

What was the most comprehensive marketing strategy you defined and executed?

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Do you keep up with markets?

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Do you have kids?

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What question do you wish I had asked you which I haven't already?

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Tell me about a time when you worked in a group and you were proved wrong. How did you handle the situation?

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What seperates Esquire from its competitors?

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Why do you want to work here?

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are you motivated to be above average?

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What made you choose Marketing as a career?

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