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Marketing manager Interview Questions in New York, NY


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What was the most comprehensive marketing strategy you defined and executed?

1 Answer

Managing capability team leads online and offline to synchronize holiday campaigns to maximize awareness reach and channel effeciencies

What question do you wish I had asked you which I haven't already?

6 Answers

Prepare 3 blog posts in "Uber" style. One pertaining to a partnership event, one an on-demand stunt, and the third a "freestye" idea.

4 Answers

Your tie is red - are you a Trump supporter?

4 Answers

This wasn't a hard question- it was just odd. If I was in a 36 story building with 3 elevators, where should the elevators be placed when they are not in use.

3 Answers

Describe how you'd decide (calculate, analyze, ROI) if a opportunity of Ellen is worth the investment?

3 Answers

Business case study and presentation to a panel of judges

2 Answers

Between 2nd and 3rd round of interviews they added a completely new area of expertise to the job description that I didn't have and they didn't tell me about it until I was about to walk into the 3rd interview.

2 Answers

I didn't really get any questions really more so explaining upcoming projects and talking about my past experiences.

2 Answers

Are you willing to work for a maximum limit of $XX

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