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Product Marketing Manager Interview Questions in New York, NY

"As a product marketing manager, it's your job to develop effective marketing programs that will drive demand for your product. Expect to be tested on your analytical, communication, and strategy skills as well as your knowledge of marketing positioning and messaging. Be prepared to answer situational questions that will evaluate your ability to evaluate market opportunities, launch products, or generate demand."

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Tell me about a time you drove GTM alignment across teams around a specific feature launch.

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I spoke about my experiencing formalizing a global GTM strategy - from discovery (hosting 1:1s with a variety of stakeholders across the org) to execution (getting buy in and starting to host GTM calls around Tier 1 product launches). I then spoke about the GTM plan in action as it related to the launch of a Care product I oversaw at a former company.

What do you think of our website?

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Behavioral and Fit Questions

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Case Studies about real products Describe previous projects in the past

1. Strengths and weakness and how am I dealing with weakness. 2. Questions about the situations: - Successful project - Unsuccessful project - Team leadership - Cross functional leadership

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If you could deign a Google store anywhere, where would it be and why?

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