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If you had a machine that produced $100 dollars for life what would you be willing to pay for it today?

75 Answers

No more than 100$ for 100$ for life

Depends entirely on how fast the machine produces the bills. Current price will be determined by estimated future yield which isn't defined here.

I would pay nothing for it. $100 dollars in a life? I can make that in one day...

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3) Poker. 26 red, 26 black. Take one every time, you can choose to guess whether it’s red. You have only one chance. If you are right, you get 1 dollar. What’s the strategy? And what’s the expected earn?

13 Answers

Given log X ~ N(0,1). Compute the expectation of X.

13 Answers

If X, Y and Z are three random variables such that X and Y have a correlation of 0.9, and Y and Z have correlation of 0.8, what are the minimum and maximum correlation that X and Z can have?

8 Answers

You have two decks of cards: a 52 card deck (26 black, 26 red) and a 26 card deck (13 black, 13 red). You randomly draw two cards and win if both are the same color. Which deck would you prefer? What if the 26 card deck was randomly drawn from the 52 card deck? Which deck would you prefer then?

11 Answers

Interesting question: From a deck of 52 cards pick 26 at random. From this set of 26 you pick two cards. You win if the both of these cards are of the same color. Is this a game you would prefer over one in which you win by picking two (first two picks) of the same color at random from a deck of 26 with equal number of black and red cards

8 Answers

2) A. 10 ropes, each one has one red end and one blue end. Each time, take out a red and a blue end, make them together. Repeat 10 times. The expectation of the number of loops. B. 10 ropes, no color. All the other remains the same.

7 Answers

1) Tow coins, P(head)=1/3, P(tail)=2/3, design a way to get the effect of fair coin

6 Answers

Flip the coins, the expected time to get HHT

6 Answers

5 babies in a room, 2 boys and 3 girls. one baby with unknown sex is added. Randomly choose one baby and the result is a boy. What's the prob that the added baby is a boy?

6 Answers
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