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Sales Interview Questions in New York, NY

As a sales representative, your ability to speak to clients has a large impact on the company’s profits. Great interpersonal, listening, and marketing skills are all essential. As sales reps often encounter skeptical or difficult customers, employers will be looking to assess your ability to present a product with ease, counter objections, and bounce back from rejection. Be prepared to give a convincing sales pitch on one of the company's products or role-play a situation in which you have to persuade difficult customer.

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What are your goals with the company?

1 Answer

I answered that I would like to be involved in the organization in an administrative setting.

What is a typical sales call for you?

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Sell me this pen.

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What would the name of your debut album be?

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What did you have for breakfast?

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Suppose we hire you, and you and the rest of the new interns decide to go buy a cup of coffee. Each intern purchases one cup of coffee. One of the interns suggests everyone play a game. Everyone will flip a fair coin, dividing the group of interns into two subgroups: those that got heads and those that got tails. The game is this: whichever group is smaller evenly splits the cost of everyone's cup of coffee (i.e. if there are 5 interns, 3 get H, 2 get T, then the two interns that got tails each buy 2.5 cups of coffee). However, nothing says you need to play this game. You can choose to buy your own cup of coffee and not play the game at all. The question: Should you play this game? (Note: You may assume that there is an odd number of interns, so there are no ties, and that if everyone gets H or everyone gets T, then everyone loses and just buys their own cup of coffee).

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tell me about yourself, what is your availability

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How many years of customer service/sales experience do you have?

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How can you handle a monster customer shouting into your face?

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are you married or single

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