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Sales Representative Interview Questions in New York, NY


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What do you expect to get from an MBA?

2 Answers

This is incredibly subjective and borderline rude to ask in an interview. Be careful how to craft a response for a company that doesn't value their employees' education.

Don't interview here if you are recently laid off rom a position as the interview process is bruising to say the least. HR needs to work out a better way of letting candidates know they didn't get the job other than sitting them down like they are being fired. A simple folllow up email or phone call the next day will suffice. It is a lot to ask candidates to do mutiple projects over an entitire day and then "fire" then from the interview. Very unnecessary

How can you handle a monster customer shouting into your face?

5 Answers

Are you good at speaking over the phone?

1 Answer

Multiple choice questions. A through D. What we were the most like, from a list of four. Then from this same list we chose what we the least like. We then tallied A through D.

1 Answer

how to handle resistance in the field

1 Answer

Which one is less efficient? (Direct or indirect) And why?

1 Answer

What is Direct Marketing and Indirect Marketing?

1 Answer

Why do you think we start all of our employees at entry-level positions?

1 Answer

The most unexpected question asked was "Can you name 3 people who you would like to meet?"

1 Answer

What's your political affiliation?

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