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Senior Marketing Manager Interview Questions in New York, NY


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Between 2nd and 3rd round of interviews they added a completely new area of expertise to the job description that I didn't have and they didn't tell me about it until I was about to walk into the 3rd interview.

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Seems like they were changing the job as they went along. Made it confusing to interview as what they were looking for on major items kept changing.

This is what happens in the real world. You should be prepare for every situation. You should not be complaining and need to give your best in every changing situation.


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Describe your greatest failure.

1 Answer

Give me a time when you disagreed with a colleague, what was the situation and how did you deal with it.

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when have you put together a congress and how did you make it successful?

what specific skills in your background would you contribute to this role?

what kind of nurse and patient marketing campaigns have you done?

Tell me about a time you faced a difficulty at work and how did you overcome it?

What have you done in your past roles that fit the duties of this role, specially to marketing without owing your own budget?

Why did you choose the college you eventually attended. Why did you choose the major that you graduated with?