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Equity Research Analyst Interview Questions in New York State


Equity research analyst interview questions shared by candidates

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How would you invest $10 million today?

2 Answers

buy oil

It depends with your level of risk vs payoff

Given the cost for Verizon to purchase each iPhone, the price the customer pays, and the churn rate of customers, what is the average lifespan of an iphone customer on Verizon?

1 Answer

Stock Pitch was central to the interviews, make sure you nail them and evoke your passion for equities and the markets

Q: Pitch two investment ideas for a short to medium time horizon

Q: In your opinion, what is the most important valuation metric for a public company?

Tell me about a difficult team project you had and how you worked with others on the team to deliver results? Why do you believe yourself to be a strong writer? What skills will you bring to my team?

Pitch me a stock

1 Answer

1. Pitch me a stock. 2. Why are you interested in equity research? 3. How would you improve a JP Morgan equity research report?

Run through a DCF, LBO, Implications of all cash buyout vs all shares buyout.

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