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Media Analyst Interview Questions in New York State


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How many McDonalds are in New York?

2 Answers

Classic market sizing questions; just used chain ratios.

Determine a) the square mileage of NYC and b) the distance between each store in terms of a ratio (1 every x miles) then convert to a fraction. Divide mileage by denominator to get the answer.

Why do you think Brightwire will be a good fit

1 Answer

How did you learn PowerPoint?

1 Answer

A question they use for interviews at Google: How many piano tuners are there in NYC? I thought this question was annoying and only asked for shock value and to impress me.

1 Answer

What is another company that does a good job of engaging users and lifestyle branding

1 Answer

Didn't get to the final interviews.

Experience with R and SQL Why do you want to work for Mekanism? Why do you want to leave your current job? Tell me about the time when you had to work on a difficult project How do you handle deadlines? and basic resume questions . One of the interviewers actually opened my Linkedin and asked me to show one of my project and visualizations. So have you work ready to show! Basic resume questions

What four sources do you get your news from?

What are you most interested in and passionate about? What are the highlights of your CV?