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If i give you $1,000, and I ask you to invest it for me, what are two questions you should ask me?

3 Answers

1) Timeframe, in how long do you want your return? 2) How risk averse are you?

Exactly the answer that I expected. Thanks mate

1) What's your expected rate of return? 2) How long do you want to invest?

Why do you think you would be a fit to help our overseas affiliate office

1 Answer

Our client wants to understand why a clothing retailer is closing its stores in the US, but opening stores in Europe. Who should we connect the client with?

1 Answer

None. Unexpected would be would you be wiling to come in and start work THIS FRIDAY? (Interview was Wednesday.)

1 Answer

How would you invest $10 million today?

2 Answers

Given the cost for Verizon to purchase each iPhone, the price the customer pays, and the churn rate of customers, what is the average lifespan of an iphone customer on Verizon?

1 Answer

Group discussion.

1 Answer

Cloud raining or no cloud raining

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How will you fit into the MTV culture? What is your experience with media?

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Our client is a family entertainment business that has exhausted its market in the US and wants to expand overseas. However, they attempted to do so ten years ago and failed. What are the rewards and risks of this move, and what three people would you put them in touch with?

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