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Research Analyst Interview Questions in New York State


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Tell us about yourself and your interest in this position.

a lot of writing, multiple choice questions, word and reasoning questions, grammar, and the long research project. as mentioned, no human ever looked at my application until maybe after I finished the research project , if even then.

Questions include: 1. your knowledge about Delos; 2. What kind of challenges did you meet at your work, how did you solve it; 3. How do you feel working in a startup; 4. How can you contribute to our company; 5. Any suggestions for the company

Make an argument that cake is better than pie, and then make the opposite argument.

Is there anything you want to say that you haven't been asked?

If you were to start a business, what service or product would it be and why? What companies do you think are doing a good job of that right now?

Why do you think you are a better fit than other candidates?

How would you deal with X client situation, what have you learned about yourself in your last position, tell me about yourself, any questions you have for us.

Group discussion.

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