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Senior Analyst Interview Questions in New York State


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The questions were : 1. Suppose you have two array and I want to append both array. Don't give me solution I want the method name that we can use in c#. I was shocked how can you judge the person with these kind of question. No one will remember the exact names. 2. He asked me second question I have two sp and I am executing sp1 inside sp2. In sp1 I am putting some data in one temp table. Can I access that temp table in second sp2. Man you will know these kind of question answer when you will face the situation like this. And it's not possible that everyone will get into that situation.

Tell me about a time when you had to work on a difficult project

Be thoroughly prepared with a very solid understanding of their business model.

difference between c & c++

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In addition to the content on the resume, what else?

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Are you flexible to travel 5 days a week?

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Tell me about your experience?

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How will you identify duplicate records coming in from different systems?