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Team Member Interview Questions in New York State


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I was very impressed with the interview process. I left with a real sense of what I wanted in a company, and knew that it was the right company for me. One question that sticks out in my mind is "What are your flaws.. or downfalls...?" something along those lines.

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I believe I answered "I don't know everything and I'm not to proud to ask for help or Google something I don't know".

What was it about your last position that you least liked.

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Are you good at multitasking?

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One question the interview always why should I hired you.

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Why do you wanna work for Chipotle?

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"What do you like about Whole Foods?" "Why should we hire you?

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What do I like about food service?

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Can you push over 50 lbs? Can you stand for 8 hours a day?

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Why do you want to work with whole foods

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What would you do if you were cashier and an item rang up as $29.99 and the customer insists it was $19.99?

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