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The biggest interview question I think anyone should be prepared for is WHY SHOULD WE HIRE YOU AND WHAT IS YOUR GREATEST WEAKNESS.

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Don't ever say that you're biggest weakness is you're a perfectionist ... that's corny and it slices your credibility in HALF. Whatever your weakness is make sure it's not a core function of the position you're applying for and make sure you talk about how you were able to improve that immensely in your last position by doing blah blah blah.

explain a mistake you made and how you dealt with it

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How to generate more revenue.

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If a customer is Irate how would you handle it?

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If for some reason (weather , woke up late, etc) how would you compensate company for time?

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How do your achievements correlate to what DB&A does with its clients? In essence, give proof that you can help DB&A accomplish it's goals.

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Basic interview questions, nothing out of the ordinary, felt comfortable

Have you travelled? where to?

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Questions specific to Mac and Windows systems. Asked which wires correlate which use.

Describing my past implementations with detail. There were many so we had allot to cover.

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