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Intern Interview Questions in Newark, DE

Intern Interview Questions in Newark, DE

From retail to finance to medicine, every industry needs interns to provide additional support and assistance. Interview questions will vary greatly depending on the industry and role you are looking for. Expect to answer questions about how you work on teams and provide examples of any relevant work experience. To ace your interview, make sure to research the particular position you are applying for.

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You spend $2.50 on a bat and a baseball, the bat cost one dollar more than the ball. How much does each one of them cost?

2 Answers

$1.75 and $0.75 = $2.50

We know that the bat and baseball equal $2.50 together. We also know that the bat costs one dollar more than the ball. Let's let the baseball = X. We are given that that the bat equals one dollar more than the baseball. We know that the bat must equal X (the baseball) + 1. Therefore, the bat equals X+1. We now use all the givens to determine the price of each. X + (X+1) = 2.50 ==> 2x + 1 = 2.50 ==> 2x = 1.50 ==> x = .75 We now know that the baseball (x) is equal to .75. Since the bat is one dollar more, it's simply 1 + .75, or $1.75 for the bat and $.75 for the baseball.

1. What is the most frustrating thing about your job? (I work for Aramark) 2. What is the thing you are least proud of on your resume?

1 Answer

What are some things you are involved in in college?

1 Answer

I'm going to give you a letter, you describe yourself using a word that begins with that letter.

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Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

How do you know when to be a leader

Name an experience where you had a problem working in a team

Tell me about a time you were criticized for poor performance.

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