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Sales Representative Interview Questions in Newark, NJ


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Hardest question was "What made you apply for this job?"

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I'm looking for an opportunity in a company that has growth for not just itself but its employees over time

Basic interview questions. Not very creative

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the campus project was probably the most time consuming, but can't say difficult. It was great experience to feel out the role of publishing sales rep.

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None. Generic as "What makes you the best candidate for this job?" or "Why should I hire you?" I actually kept engaging with my interviewers, their were two of them, and mentioned an anecdote that my high school business teacher told the class that I have never forgotten. "There is a sandwich which comprises of two bread slices, an egg omelet, three strips of bacon, and a slice of American cheese; which part of the sandwich are you and why?" My interviews were obviously dumbfounded after I uttered these words. There is no right or wrong answer; the answer that one of my interviewers gave was, that he would be the bread because he hold everything together. My answer was that I am the egg because just like a hen produces eggs over and over gain; I can produce for my company over and over again.

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What is your biggest challenge and how did you handle it?

Are you comfortable walking for 12 hours per day, 6 days per week in good and bad weather?

Sorry can't spoil the surprise incase they are still interviewing that way. But have an open mind & think out of the box!!

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Describe a time where you were faced with a challenging position and how did you handle it?

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