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All I got was "Tell me about a time when you.... spoke with an engineer, solved a problem, launched a product, etc"

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See, behavioral questions are an easy way to assess past experience that you could be facing in the position. They will try to see into your past and predict the future. Using real pas experiences as examples in the interview will definitely give better chances no only for them to assess your skills, but you can figure out what are they expecting from the candidates.

I was asked how do you decide what features to add to the product. My answer was, understand customer feedback from different channels of communication. She was stuck on metrics to review. At one point she said to me, can you not give examples that are focused on customer but just metrics that you would track. I was shocked. Seemed like interviewer had no real experience but bookish knowledge,.

Q: What was one thing that they asked you? Describe your prior work responsibilities.

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Why are you leaving you current employer?

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The client asking a question of me about agile management and the IBM project manager interrupting the client and telling the client that we do not do agile management.

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How would contribute to the education of the students?

Tell us about a time when you had a make a judgment call without analyzing any data. How did you go about it? What made you decide on making the judgment call? How did you convince the senior management that it was the right way forward?

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