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Summer Analyst Interview Questions in Newark, NJ


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Name one time when you have struggled working in a team environment and how you overcome that struggle.

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There are times when too many people try to prove themselves by attempting to control a situation but I have found when brain storming together a saluation can be found

Why Prudential?

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Is posting exam solutions right? Machine learning questions because it was based on my resume. Print odd numbers from m to n, print prime numbers from 1 to n in optimal complexity. Some other BS behavioral question. Second interview was way easier in my opinion - 2 technical questions (explain greedy, DP; *and a question about using hashmap), they like Java so know Java. Behavioral: your coworker has problems with some employee, wtf do you do about it? *Question about hashmap: you have 2 integer vectors A, B. Go through each sets and print if they are present in A; present in B; or present in both.

What was a time you had to persuade your group to do something they weren't interested in doing?

When have you faced a difficult time and how did you overcome it?

If you were CFO of a company and received a bunch of cash, what would you do with it

Calculate the number of airplanes there are in the world.

How much do Americans set aside for retirement each year?

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