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They require an intelligence test.

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Can you elaborate on this test? Are there any other tests to take? How do they evaluate you on your future job performance during interview?

They give you the Wonderlic on site. They have you come in for an in person interview and then ask you to schedule the Wonderlic for a later date. They won't let you take it the same day, which is silly since it requires you sitting in front of a computer for 20 or so minutes and no outside assistance. So if you don't live near Reston you have to trek there a second time to take an online test. The lack of thrift with interviewees time and the poor planning and thought that goes into this system is indicative of how the company is run and what your experience working at Bulletin News will be like. They don't evaluate you on your future job performance in the interview. Once you start working your job performance won't be based on anything tangible and will often be arbitrary and completely contrary to guidance you have been receiving immediately prior. Management is very mercurial and will "punish" those they think are not going with the program. If you haven't taken the job and have other options I would keep looking. Most of what they told you in the interview was a lie anyway. No bonuses, your 22 vacation days include sick days and federal holidays, and they think you are a disposable POS. Run.

Hello again. Thanks for your reply. So, I assume you work at Bulletin Intelligence now since it says you accepted the offer? How long have you been there? What would you say are the positives and negatives overall? I am thinking about applying, but haven't done so yet - It seems like interesting work, to say the least. I've heard of the cognitive exam and everything else. Can you go into the writen portion and in-person inteview with the "manager"? I'm curious what they are expecting to see in your writing and how to structure it correctly + what they may ask in the interview. Some posts I'm reading here are mentioning case interviews with "how many pizza sales this year" type of questions, but that seems out-dated and sounds like they may have changed their approach, at least I hope so. I'd like to reach out to you, but don't want you to put yourself in a situation where your personal e-mail is on here... Thank you for helping by answering questions.

Can you work quickly under pressure?

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They asked me about my work history, 'cause they hadn't bothered to even read my résumé.

The skills test online for typing. Not a super great typer.

Experience with Internet.

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How are you at handling breaking news?

If I had WordPress experience. Did I have editing experience. I also had to take a copy editing test--which I passed.

Had not been told about the trivia/writing/editing quiz.

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