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Experience. Proof of experience. goals

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Are you able to write a 3000-word magazine cover story?

What are your obsessions? What drives you? Lots of probing questions around your subject areas to understand what it is all about. What are your story ideas? Do you feel comfortable telling stories in all sorts of ways including through photos, charts and video?

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Point blank: Why do you want to work here? Why should we hire you? Not the most creative questions - but you better be able to answer them convincingly.

She asked me a detail about a story and it was from an angle I hadn't considered.

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Where do I see myself in five years? And, am I willing to move for the job?

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Are you in a relationship? <<<<that was a real question.

Asked for immediate On-Air test with current female Anchor

It was a breeze. Again, we have a different ND now. It was seven years ago.

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