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How will you balance your family and home life with working a night shift?

4 Answers

This was hard to answer because I hadn't really thought that through yet. It was probably my weakest point during the interview.

Working night shift means I am there during the day to help with child are and house work what is brilliant. I am also taking additional supplements to support my body during this change and of course I have specific times to sleep. It's great!!!

I don't think that question is legal. You're not supposed to factor in family and personal factors in your hiring decisions, the candidate isn't even required to disclose the fact he/she HAS a family.

Describe a difficult situation in your previous job and how you dealt with it.

1 Answer

What drew me to the hospitality industry?

1 Answer

The main question was how would I handle a guest who ‘lost’ their room key.

1 Answer

What have you done (or would you do if it has not yet happened) if your cash drawer was not balanced.

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The standard question regarding how you handled a situation in which something went wrong at work.

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Why do you want to work in the hospitality industry? and describe your most difficult situation.

1 Answer

Interview questions focused on relating specific examples of times I handled various situations. Issues ranging from: Handling angry or stressful guests, handling co-workers under-performing, being given too many tasks or too large of a task to complete in time.

1 Answer

Why do you want *this* job?

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Why did I resign from my last job?

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