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What 3 qualities are important to have in this position?

6 Answers

1. Conceptional skill 2. Humanity skill 3. Technical skill

Smile lm'a people person that love to help out. If l don't know the answer,l well get it.

Smile understand of othere and work together

How will you balance your family and home life with working a night shift?

4 Answers

Do you have kids? (This is was literally the only question I was asked)

2 Answers

When was a time you went out of your way to help someone? It could be on the job or outside the job

2 Answers

When was a time you were put in a difficult situation and how did you handle it?

2 Answers

Will you be able to work the 3rd shift and also prepare breakfast in the morning? Are you able to provide great customer service at all times?

2 Answers

If a guest was calling in for a late night check in and was having a really bad day of flying/cancellations. How would you ensure that guest was taken care and turn their day around if given full empowerment by management.

2 Answers

Why are you a good fit to work as a night auditor

2 Answers

What's your favorite fish?

2 Answers

What my schedule was like.

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