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Over Night Stocker was asked...July 29, 2018

Can you lift heavy objects

15 Answers



Yes I can

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Name a time where you had a disagreement with an authority figure, how did you resolve it

3 Answers


Found excellent read:


Toys "R" Us

Why should they hire me

2 Answers

Toys "R" Us should hire me for my dependability leadership qualities and desire to get the job done right. I get along with the younger crowd work well together with other people and work well as a team all to get the job done . Less

I also have nine years forklift operations and inventory ability to troubleshoot mechanical situations Less

Toys "R" Us

How well can you handle flexibility for your work schedule?

2 Answers


I can do 3-8

Costco Wholesale

How do you deal with frustrated customers and confrontation?

2 Answers

I'm open minded so I think from both sides and understand why that person might be frustrated with certain circumstances. Less

I will say sorry to them(even if I don't why they are being frustrated) in a joking mannerso as calm them down. Less

Costco Wholesale

Tell me about a time when a situation got out of hand and how did you handle it?

2 Answers


I never experienced it before but I would’ve broke the situation up if I got further then I would tell one of the customer to go home first and then I would tell the other customer to leave Less


What your work experience was in?

2 Answers

answered truthfully about not having experience stocking

I have experience in stocking and cashier

Fry's Food

Who I would be good for their company?

2 Answers

I said since I was a daily shopper there I would always have good things to say and encourage customers to shop there. Less

I have been in grocery since 1990 just took a couple years out..last grocery store was Safeway in Colorado hired in service deli less than 30 days became head baker 7 dollar raise...i really enjoyed both department ..service deli is always so much better as a team than the least in my experence.. Less


Recount a time you received outstanding customer service.

2 Answers

Because I would be proud to be a small part of an such a great company. I enjoy the grocery store atmosphere, love to serve the public, and have heard about your reputation locally. Less

Why do you want to work at HEB?


Give an example of when you’ve received good customer service.

2 Answers

Whene you are nice and kindly your get everything from customer service

From positive experience

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