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Nintendo Interview Questions

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They ask why you left all of your jobs on your resume.

2 Answers

I gave them the truth

Simply put, felt it was my time to leave that particular position

Describe what is meant (in C++) by "template specialization." Provide examples.

1 Answer

What is "subclassing" in Win32?

1 Answer

Explain a time when you had to deal with a difficult customer and how did you resolve the situation?

1 Answer

What company culture do you thrive in and how do you expect Nintendo's company culture to be?

1 Answer

Once you've delegated a task to a team member, how/when do you follow up? How do you know they need help?

1 Answer

Why are you leaving your current position?

1 Answer

They asked me some basic network questions which can all be found by doing a simple ipconfig

1 Answer

the company did not ask any question. The company only want to pass the multiple choice quiz for the interview then i just get to work.

1 Answer

Questions were not very difficult.Had prepared more on the testing part as it was testing position.

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