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Do you have experience with Linux. Do you know what the job role is. What experience do you have with Microsoft. What did you do at your last job. Have you ever done anything with switches. Do you have experience with Nagios or Solar Wind.

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I was able to answer these questions easily enough. But when they asked me to describe a scenario in which I used a switch... I could think of many, so I asked them to specify but the person asking the question simply repeated the question. Aside from these canned questions that were asked by the first person that entered the room, he turned away and started to watch the construction workers working on the building. And the other person sat with disinterest. I eventually found out these people were not the ones who needed the questions answered when I asked them questions about the company. They said: "oh ask this other guy, I don't know the answer to that" and "oh well we aren't the ones who are actually conducting the interview so you should talk to that guy". After a while another person walked in. He seemed to have a better idea of the process but shortly after he asked a few questions the room went silent. Everyone started looking at each other like "what do we do now?" So I asked this person some questions to which he did not have the answer. Eventually another person walked in and sat quietly, after everyone else fumbled forward and eventually the newest person in the room just jumped in with the repeated question I mentioned earlier. I was not so much frustrated, but felt I had caught everyone at a bad time or that they had never done this before or had no interest in doing it at all. After speaking with my recruiter I had found that the person I was supposed to meet was the person doing the hiring. And that they felt I was not interested. This was very strange to me as I was indeed interested in the position, and had actually made arrangements to push another opportunity to ensure I could make this one. And made sure they understood this, and after I had mentioned that they looked at me like I had just killed their dog.

Explain a DDOS attack. Since I hate acronyms I didn't know what it meant. I looked it up and realized I knew the answer, but the interview was already over.

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Programming experience was difficult as I had minimal experience during college.. and was advised even the best colleges out there, most students do not pass AOL's programming tests.

How many useable IPs are in a class c address?

interview about how was on my resume and why i want to work for capgemini

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They don't ask you about the company, but it is always good to do some research about it (Bardan Cinema).

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Not applicable, I can't remember what they asked me. The interview was more conversational rather than question-and-answer.

Describe a time when you were presented with a problem in the workplace and how you handled it.

Construct a LAMP server w wordpress site

How much experience do you have with networking and with satellite communications systems?

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