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SRA International
NOC Engineer was asked...October 15, 2011

Explain TCP/IP 3-Way Handshaking.

2 Answers

1. SYN 2. SYN ACK, 3. ACK

Used to create network between a local host and server

Route Mobile

Why are you interested to join Route Mobile

2 Answers

I join for best career and best future

It is best company in India

NOC Engineer was asked...February 13, 2015

Asked questions about previous employment and relevant work experience.

2 Answers

Why did you decline? What helped you make that decision?

probably crappy pay, they offered me 13hr lol

What is HLR.

2 Answers

The meaning of HLR is Home Location Register

HLR is Home Location Register.Every subscriber is register with one HLR,in which subscriber permanent data is stored..i.e roaming area,address,services etc....... Less

Adcap Network Systems

There should be a phone interview first or face to face. Technical evaluations may be good for people just getting out of school, most of us seasoned engineers don't memorize things like subnetting. We have resources to find that information. Example subnet calculator

2 Answers

You should phone screen the candidate on the phone first before you bring them in to do a technical evaluation. A computer generated test would be a lot better, most people can remember by doing. Less

Hi there, Regarding your comment I think Subnetting is like the core of everything in networking, is an essential and standard concept. I believe everyone who wants to get into the field should be comfortable with Subnetting. Less

Tata Communications
NOC Engineer was asked...September 16, 2016

Difference betn SDH and PDH What is Ethernet??

2 Answers

Had given basic answers

Ethernet is a technology

CtrlS Datacenter

not much technical.

1 Answers

they will hire you for some role and will give you other work once you join.

Netmagic Solutions


1 Answers


Rocket Fiber

What does it mean if a Junos swtich is names Amnesiac?

1 Answers

Its at factory defaults.

Pakistan Telecommunication

Some IQ questions

1 Answers

Answered reasonably

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