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Do you have any questions for me? They technical questions I asked couldn't be answered. The NOC Supervisor didn't even know the simple, everyday, acronyms I was using.

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Blank stare.

I can tell you from personal experience that the blank stares would have just continued with no end in site. Sr. Management is pretty on the ball. 1st level management has no idea.

Scenario: Cannot connect to local resources but can connect to

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NA because no one ever calls me after they schedule phone interviews.

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How would you handle a unhappy customer?

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How would you troubleshoot connectivity from a client to a hosted application here?

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Explain a DDOS attack. Since I hate acronyms I didn't know what it meant. I looked it up and realized I knew the answer, but the interview was already over.

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I was asked "how to find the uptime and IOS version on a Cisco router.

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I was told not to be a technician in this job, and to simply send the work to the departments that handle it.

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Can you work the grave yard shift?

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