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How do you fit an elephant in a Volkswagen beetle?

5 Answers

The answer doesn’t matter much, they just want to see how you think the problem trough and how you look for solutions. I started asking if I had any tools available and if I had more people to help me and if it was and Asian or African Elephant.

Do you remember any other questions they asked you I have a Skype interview on Thursday and like to be prepared as possible thanks for any advice or help

Get a baby elephant, of course. Duh.

Explain TCP/IP 3-Way Handshaking.

2 Answers

No technical questions was asked for this technical position

2 Answers

Asked questions about previous employment and relevant work experience.

2 Answers

There should be a phone interview first or face to face. Technical evaluations may be good for people just getting out of school, most of us seasoned engineers don't memorize things like subnetting. We have resources to find that information. Example subnet calculator

2 Answers

Can you name 3 layers of the OSI model

2 Answers

Will you Take $8 an hour?

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Give an example for a Class C IP Address

2 Answers

Do you have any questions for me? They technical questions I asked couldn't be answered. The NOC Supervisor didn't even know the simple, everyday, acronyms I was using.

2 Answers

What would you do if a client's computer doesn't have an IP address?

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