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How do you fit an elephant in a Volkswagen beetle?

5 Answers

The answer doesn’t matter much, they just want to see how you think the problem trough and how you look for solutions. I started asking if I had any tools available and if I had more people to help me and if it was and Asian or African Elephant.

Do you remember any other questions they asked you I have a Skype interview on Thursday and like to be prepared as possible thanks for any advice or help

Get a baby elephant, of course. Duh.

No technical questions was asked for this technical position

2 Answers

Will you Take $8 an hour?

2 Answers

Give an example for a Class C IP Address

2 Answers

tell me about the seven layers of OSI

2 Answers

What is spanning tree (STP) used for?

1 Answer

How many hosts are in a /23 network?

1 Answer

What is the speed of a T1

1 Answer

How would I determine what Windows server process was taking the most memory?

1 Answer

What is one thing you have done that went above and beyond your job description.

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