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Not many. how would you rank importance of compensation, environment, and growth.

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Not going to accept this position. the job description stated that there would be a base salary of $38,000-$42,000 ( a blatant lie) I dont think that they understand the concept of BASE SALARY!!!. The non-profit division gives a base salary of $210/week, all other positions are commission only. the description also said that the position was in Westland MI (20 min from my house) the actual position is in Troy MI (1 hr away from my house).

What is something I can work on

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Tell me about a time when you failed, had a customer that couldn't be satisfied, had a disagreement with your superior, had a conflict with a co-worker, etc. If it is 1 hr until the super bowl and your tv won't turn on what would you do to try and fix it? You are working on a document and an error appears when you try to save, you have to have it in to your boss by COB, what do you do? Why do you want to work for Blackbaud? Why are you leaving your current, or why did you leave your previous, place of employment?

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They really ask the standard stuff. They want to know why you want to take this position. They really stress the fact that you will be living on a stipend and want you to make sure your bases are covered.

What my income was total. Jobs I have had. Experience that I have.

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Describe a situation that you were not happy with your supervisor:

What was a time that you were rejected for something in life, and how did you handle it?

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