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Have you ever smoke pot before?

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If I had any relatives that were not national born citizens

Do you want to be a nuke?

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Have you ever applied for the military before?

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As stated above, the only questions to answer are those on the timed tests. Of course, the navy will ask you general navy questions, like have you ever used illegal drugs or committed a crime, etc. As long as you haven't committed illegal acts, you'll be able to be cleared for a top secret clearance. (Well, there's more to it than that. There's a detailed background check but as far as questions you'll need to answer, it will be about illegal activity that could disqualify you from a high level clearance.) There are some things that you can sometimes get waivers for. If you drank underage (and admit it), they probably won't bat an eye. If you smoked marijuana, you might be able to get it waived. But you might not. Nowadays with certain states legalizing it, it becomes a more complicated issue. I think if you have high scores and are otherwise an excellent recruit, i.e. outstanding physical effort, outstanding mental effort, outstanding attitude, outstanding teamwork, etc., you probably will pass a waiver even if you have used recreational marijuana a few times. But there are no guarantees so you're best to avoid it entirely. Certainly once you're in, never ever use it. You will be caught in a random drug screening and then you'll be out or worse. Other things that could be an issue in getting your security clearance are bad credit, having dual citizenship, having a parent who emigrated from a country on a terror watch list or a country with whom we do not keep diplomatic relations.

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Do you have a history of illegal drug use?

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