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Nuclear Engineer I was asked...August 12, 2016

Why should we hire you?

2 Answers

Because I would be a great asset to your company and a great contributor to the team! Less

lest compelling evidence of your experience and qualifications in the field of that expertise. Less


No tricky or unexpected questions really. You should be ready to explain the basic operation of a nuclear plant.

2 Answers

Good experience of the overall recruitment process.

Hello could you please answer my questions below 1. what technical questions were you asked? 2. what were the group exercises about? Less

Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory

Behavior questions can be difficult unless you expect them. These are the ones I received: 1. Tell me about a time you worked effectively under pressure. 2. Have you ever made a mistake? How did you handle it? 3. Tell me about a time when you suggested an improvement at work. How did it impact the facility? 4. Tell me about a time when you set a particular illy challenging goal for yourself, what were the outcomes? 5. Can you tells about an especially proud accomplishment of yours? 6. Have you get had a disagrees with a coworker? How was the issue resolved and what was the outcome? 7. Have you ever been asked to do anything that you considered unsafe? How did you respond?

1 Answers

Use STAR method for answering. DO NOT TAKE THIS JOB!! I am not joking. The interview process is easy enough but I interviewed and didnt receive an offer for 3 months, then the company had to do a background check on me which took another 3 months with no phone call or status update or anything. And then after that I had to start a Department of Energy Q clearance and that took over 5 months just waiting for it to get through adjudication, which never happened. Instead, the company, after 11 months, sent me a letter saying that my clearance was taking too long and they decided to rescind the offer, after 11 months of waiting!! Bad company, very unprofessional. Save yourself the trouble if you are a nuclear engineer like me and go get a real job at a national laboratory or join the Navy as an officer or something. Less

Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory

Suppose that a submarine contacts you, and their measurement for a key parameter is very different from what KAPL's models predict. What do you do?

1 Answers

Have them double-check to make sure that you're both talking about the same parameter, and that their measurements are accurate. They kept adding onto the question-suppose they check again later and it's even more off than it was before, etc. I can't remember what I said for the intermediate steps, but eventually they said it was very close to the allowable limit; my response to that was that they should have it come in for servicing. Less

NextEra Energy, Inc.

Why do you want the job?

1 Answers

Skills and abilities that met company's requirements, why I can add value to a great company. Less


Describe some of your hands on project? Describe how you handled a difference in conflict or intrest within a group? or team?

1 Answers

Worked on a project about compromising, I met my fellow tema mates half way, in xyz projects.. etc. hands on stuff described stuff on my resume... Less


Specific technical questions to the role.

1 Answers

These centred around a very specific area of Nuclear engineering. However, the interviews provided some assistance and support in developing the answer. Less

Norfolk Naval Shipyard

Have you ever worked on your vehicle yourself.

1 Answers

Yes, I have done work with my hands.


It was pretty straight forward, ask the things you usually get asked, be interested in their firm, talk about the industry and why you became interested, be original.

1 Answers

They told me that they received 300 applicants for my role and only interviewed 3, so you do well to get an interview, I wasn't straight out of uni but had two years working experience as an engineer so was able to draw on that experience a lot. Less

Frazer-Nash Consultancy

If a client came to Frazer-nash with a problem (they give a specific problem) how would you go about solving it?

1 Answers

Show your thought process, think out loud, consider multiple aspects of the problem (cost, safety, time, technical aspects). Less

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