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Nuclear Medicine Technologist Interview Questions


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What is your biggest weakness?

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I basically turned a negative into a positive by answering "my time management hasn't been the best in the past since I try to do too many things at once, but in my years of experience I have been getting a lot better at focusing on quality of care instead of just focusing on quantity of care

Do you need a license to do this job?

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Name a time that a co-worker did something that you knew was wrong and what did you do about it?

Which camera system do you use at your current facility?

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Identify a time when you had problems with a coworker and how did you handle the situation?

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What is your five-year plan?

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A patient was scheduled for a test at 9:30am is now 10am and the patient has not been taken to get his test done. The patient is now starting to get irritable. How would you diffuse the situation?

Asked to explain procedure as if interviewer was the patient.

The fact that I needed to be interviewed by staff peers as well as physician and manager was a surprise. In my long clinical career this has not aoccurred anywhere. generally it's up to the manager and or physician director to make a hiring decision.

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