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In you previous job, if you called off, what did you usually call off for?

2 Answers

I was honest and said that I don't normally get sick and so when I use a sick day, it is usually for "mental health" reasons. She must have found my answer acceptable because I got the job!

i had a phone interview and now they want me to come in person for a interview event that is 2 hours long what happens there does that mean i have the job

Given a situation in which a patient was upset, how would you handle it?

1 Answer

How long have I been a CNA? What hours can you work? Are you comfortable going to client homes?

1 Answer

Why do I feel qualified to work there, what makes me a good patient care individual. Questions of that nature.

1 Answer

I found the questions irrelevant. Nothing to do about practicing medicine but more about your availability to work anytime and all the time.

1 Answer

About my medicine knowledge

1 Answer

behavioral interviewing - asking what you would do in situations both with peers and clients. Face to face interview with actual call scenarios acted out

1 Answer

Tell us one time when you had a difficult situation with a patient or family member and how did you resolve the situation?

1 Answer

If a patient is cursing at you how would you react?

1 Answer

Give me an example of a regular BP of a fairly healthy patient.

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