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Nurse Assistant was asked...January 20, 2020

Tell me about yourself.

3 Answers

How would you handle it if a patient refused care? What do you do when entering a patient’s room? Less

För närvarande är jag en registrerad sjuksköterska på sjukhuset i Filippinerna i 2 år. Jag arbetade också på ett vårdhem i singapore som vårdade äldre människor både bundna och rullstol bundna i 2 år och jag arbetade också som privat sjuksköterska i manila i mer än ett år. Less

If the patients refused for care i will try my best and be patience to conviced him /her by talking to them nicely ,entertain them show that you care about them until you get the trust from them.First thing I would do when entering patients room I will greet the patients,I will introduce my self ,ask how was the patients doing Less

Cleveland Clinic

In you previous job, if you called off, what did you usually call off for?

2 Answers

I was honest and said that I don't normally get sick and so when I use a sick day, it is usually for "mental health" reasons. She must have found my answer acceptable because I got the job! Less

i had a phone interview and now they want me to come in person for a interview event that is 2 hours long what happens there does that mean i have the job Less

Seattle Performance Medicine

I found the questions irrelevant. Nothing to do about practicing medicine but more about your availability to work anytime and all the time.

1 Answers

This is a questionable practice with a high employee turnover.

How long have I been a CNA? What hours can you work? Are you comfortable going to client homes?

1 Answers

23 years any yes

Garnet Health Medical Center

Why do I feel qualified to work there, what makes me a good patient care individual. Questions of that nature.

1 Answers

I answered honestly: that people are always the greatest asset to any organization, and that patients always get the first priority. Less


behavioral interviewing - asking what you would do in situations both with peers and clients. Face to face interview with actual call scenarios acted out

1 Answers

be as happy and smiley as possible. Use phone etiquette and as mush clinical knowledge as you have. Know basic adult and pediatric ambulatory care common problems ( cardiac, diabetic, croup, asthma, htn, chf) Less

Glengariff Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

If a patient is cursing at you how would you react?

1 Answers

Tell them in a calm tone that is not okay to yell and that I'm just trying to help . Less

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

What would you need to take into consideration when searching a patient's room?

1 Answers

Dignity, respect etc.

Swords to Plowshares

About my medicine knowledge

1 Answers

I said I have the experience about medicine

US Department of Veterans Affairs

Tell us one time when you had a difficult situation with a patient or family member and how did you resolve the situation?

1 Answers

Oh, so many times! One time a family member came in and became infuriated that her mother was wet and was sure that she had been that way all night. I had that group that night, and knowing how the family is I made sure that the resident was checked each hour and cleaned if needed. After the family member voiced her concern and anger to her satisfaction (while I remained quiet and attentive) I calmly asked her to put on an exam glove and place her hand on the wet area. I explained that the wetness was warm and new and that her mother was dry only moments earlier when I checked. I also explained how urine darkens and makes rings as it sits and dries, etc. This had an immediate impact on the family member. She relaxed, laughed and smiled and told me how grateful she was that her mother received such good care. Less

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