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Mayo Clinic
Patient Care Technician In 1998/Staff Nurse In May 2000 (Same Unit, Same Nurse Manager) was asked...May 9, 2015

How I could contribute to the unit; How well I could handle conflict (detailed response expected); how would I handle a medication error; Why did I want to work for Mayo

2 Answers

I am a task oriented person and I know that i can do whatever you want me to do. My cognition towards the skill set you require says a lot that me being a good candidate. I can give my hard work to the organization and can carry organizations goal to a different level. And at the same time that will enhance my capabilities in the sector. Less

How well I could handle conflict

If I felt that going into people's home to conduct nursing assessments would be an issue.

1 Answers

That it wouldn't be a problem. The interview was rather lengthy.

Community Health Options

How o you feel about developing a rapport with members on the phone?

1 Answers

How do you feel about working from home?

Burrell Behavioral Health

About my work experience

1 Answers

I told them of the places I had work, even ones not on my resume due to either being years ago, prior to nursing school Less

Landmark Health

Do you think this company will be a good fit for you?

1 Answers

Yes I think this jibe would be a perfect fit for me


how do you handle change

1 Answers

I adapt to change very well. I understanding that organizations and corporations must change and evolve to continue to succeed and so must I. Less

AmeriHealth Caritas

How you will balance face to face and remote work?

1 Answers

How you will respond to incoming new work during day.


List a situation where you job interfered with your morals and how did you handle it.

1 Answers


They asked if it would be difficult to work with a social worker. The work is done in pairs of teams, RN and Social Workers.

1 Answers

I didn't feel this would be a problem. Team work is important in the workplace. Your luck depends on who has openings in their caseloads and who they assign you to work with. You may not have a good experience if the social worker is new and therefore is not very helpful to you or bogs you down with her own questions, instead of going to her own training staff. Or, if the Social Worker tries to micromanage you by emailing/calling you several times per day checking on if you have a task done and then does said task herself without telling you, therefore wasting your time. Those things can be frustrating and should be reported to management. Less

Centers Plan for Healthy Living

which department I want to work

1 Answers

wanted Care Management

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