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Golden LivingCenters
Director of Nursing was asked...March 6, 2016

How would you handle employee conflict with a supervisor?

2 Answers

I would ask To speak to speak to that supervisor directly and privately and ask about his/his concerns or the conflicting issue at hand. Less

I would ask to speak to the supervisor directly and privately and ask about his/her concerns and opinions about the issue at hand. Less

Elder Care Alliance

How would I deal with or resolve issues with caregivers (CNA's) who didn't want to let the activities be done? This was a tricky question as the CNA's are under the RN, not under the activity director.

1 Answers

Unfortunately, this happens from time to time. If a CNA is preventing an activity from occurring, it has to be reported to the R.N. In most facilities that take medicare/medicaid, activities programs are required by the state. So this would be considered insubordination and should be grounds for dismissal. In a work environment that has different departments, it is extremely important to understand it is much more beneficial to work with each other than against each other. Less

ProMedica Senior Care

Are you computer literate?

2 Answers

Yes and gave examples.


Weatherford College

“Do you consider yourself a princess?"

1 Answers

This was during the 2nd interview, which was with 2 other supervisors. I was asked to interview with them to see “if I was a good fit for the building, and their close-knit family” I laughed it off Less

I was asked what the thresshold benches and other very specific

1 Answers

I was able to anwer in broad terms and addreas truthfully what I could recall of my previous emoloyer's quality assurance percentages. Less

Sprenger Health Care Systems

Question pertaining to a difficult situation in my former role.

1 Answers

Was describing my feelings about LPN not taking ownership of her role as Charge Nurse and not keeping track of her Aids when the outgoing DON actually lashed out at me. Extremely unprofessional interview. Not interested in the position. Less

Benchmark Senior Living

How did you resolve a client conflict?

1 Answers

Patience, getting the facts, assuming client is always right and remediating problem by giving client deal. Less

Covenant Living Communities & Services

Multiple strong questions that encouraged broad scope and specific answers.

1 Answers

I answered questions with competent and truthful experiences and expectations.

Brown Mackie College

I do not remember a difficult question.

1 Answers

Honestly, this was the most pleasant interview I had ever had. But seriously, I have really never had a difficult question. Less

Standards Home Health

What is your management style?

1 Answers

Cooperative, collaborative, team approach

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