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Golden LivingCenters
Director of Nursing was asked...March 6, 2016

How would you handle employee conflict with a supervisor?

2 Answers

I would ask To speak to speak to that supervisor directly and privately and ask about his/his concerns or the conflicting issue at hand. Less

I would ask to speak to the supervisor directly and privately and ask about his/her concerns and opinions about the issue at hand. Less

How to deal with staff out of control

1 Answers

Straight forward application of procedures.

Elder Care Alliance

How would I deal with or resolve issues with caregivers (CNA's) who didn't want to let the activities be done? This was a tricky question as the CNA's are under the RN, not under the activity director.

1 Answers

Unfortunately, this happens from time to time. If a CNA is preventing an activity from occurring, it has to be reported to the R.N. In most facilities that take medicare/medicaid, activities programs are required by the state. So this would be considered insubordination and should be grounds for dismissal. In a work environment that has different departments, it is extremely important to understand it is much more beneficial to work with each other than against each other. Less

US Department of Veterans Affairs

If you had a suicidal patient, a code, and a call off, what would take priority.

1 Answers

The suicidal patient because they need to be safe first, the code second because there are already nurses and doctors there, the call off third because you might not even need to replace the person. In fact they won't, they'll just mandate somebody to stay overtime. Less

Trilogy Health Services

Have you ever worked for trilogy health before ?

5 Answers

How would you handle stress while taking care of a resident?



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The Addington at Wellington Green

Can you work in a fast-paced environment that will require a lot of you?

3 Answers



Of Course!

What would you do if your client was not responsive when you first come in?

3 Answers

umm...really? this is an interview questions?

If you find a non responsive patient-> Call for help (someone to get O2 line or call for further help/respiratory, defibrillator or code cart) Check for pulse, breathing.(patient temp, color other signs of prolonged arrest that could be a reason to stop actions when physician arrives) If need be start compressions while code cart retrieved. Less

Check the pulse

Amada Senior Care

Have you ever worked with the elderly before?

3 Answers

Yes for four years.



Amada Senior Care

Are you certified?

3 Answers


No because here in Kenya were given recommendation letter. But if its a requirement will appreciate you assistance because I'm up task. Less

Yes I ma

Right at Home

When will you be available?

3 Answers


After I give my two weeks notice.

I work other jobs in private, home health, or a facility. These are the days I can always work ( list days) and would love to start immediately part time Less

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