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How would you handle employee conflict with a supervisor?

2 Answers

I would ask To speak to speak to that supervisor directly and privately and ask about his/his concerns or the conflicting issue at hand.

I would ask to speak to the supervisor directly and privately and ask about his/her concerns and opinions about the issue at hand.

How to deal with staff out of control

1 Answer

How would I deal with or resolve issues with caregivers (CNA's) who didn't want to let the activities be done? This was a tricky question as the CNA's are under the RN, not under the activity director.

1 Answer

If you had a suicidal patient, a code, and a call off, what would take priority.

1 Answer

Have you ever worked for trilogy health before ?

4 Answers

Can you work in a fast-paced environment that will require a lot of you?

3 Answers

Have you ever worked with the elderly before?

3 Answers

What would you do if your client was not responsive when you first come in?

3 Answers

Are you certified?

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When will you be available?

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