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What was your most significant contribution to your current job?

Tell me about yourself (relevant background)

Six behavioral questions asking for a description of a situation in my career and what the outcome of that situation was. Two open-ended technical questions: 1. An OEM complains of a noise issue with a vehicle where if they change either the Dana drive shaft or the rear axle and the noise goes away. How would you diagnose this problem and give three possible root-causes of the noise. 2. You perform an experimental modal analysis of a drive shaft and your colleage builds a finite element model of the same drive shaft. Your experimental results do not match the model results. How would you address the differences and what are the possible reasons for the mismatch of the results?

Why do you want to leave your current company?

Do I have multi-body dynamic class?

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Nothing specific. All questions were simple.

Describe a time that you had to take a risk.

Describe a time when you had to dig into the details and then look at the big picture.

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