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Researcher Interview Questions in Oakland, CA


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How could you obtain the degree of tilt of a specimen inside a microscope?

Are you able to work overtime to get reports done?

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Give an example of how you stay organized.

The business questions about commodity trading were the toughest at the time because I was unfamiliar with the business, but that was a known weakness of mine so it didn't affect the job offer. I think they were just testing how well I could figure stuff out. The programming questions were softballs. I had to design a couple database tables for a simple data model and write a query joining some tables together. I had to describe my experience using Java, Oracle, MySQL, VB/VBA and Excel. Excel was a huge piece of the programming puzzle there.

How do you go about learning a programming language?

How comfortable are you with quantitative analysis in Excel.

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What insights do you have about your 5 Dynamics profile results and the team's collective profiles you reviewed?

Tell me about a time you faced a difficult decision.

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